Advanced CCTV Solutions

Advanced CCTV


We offer high end surveillance & security systems for your business and home needs. As customers demand solutions to take their video security to the next level, VICAN is committed to designing open and integrated systems to do just that. With an industry-leading approach to open systems design and the development of strategic alliances and partnerships, VICAN truly understands the value that comes with working together to deliver fully integrated video security solutions. At VICAN we are committed to provide state of the art security surveillance systems coupled with an unparalleled level of customer service and support. From an expanded selection of IP security cameras and video management systems to full HD displays, traditional surveillance technologies, accessories and more, VICAN is your trusted video security partner.

Our Vast Range of Security - CCTV Services include
  • IP Cameras
  • HD Cameras
  • Vehicle Dash Cameras
  • App Based Solutions
  • Video Bell Access
  • RFID
  • SOS Solutions